There’s a lot of love there between him and us

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Duran Duran was happy to be inducted into the Rock And  Roll Hall Of Fame, but Andy Taylor’s absence turned it into a bittersweet joy. Sadly, his reason for not joining them during the ceremony was stage IV metastatic prostate cancer. Speaking to BBC Radio 2, Simon Le Bon recalled their visit to Taylor to bring him the award.

“It was an incredible moment of pride but also of sadness too,” Le Bon confessed while speaking about their recent induction to the Hall Of Fame. “Andy Taylor, he’s very unwell. And we were very sad that he couldn’t be there with us to share with us.”

Le Bon then revealed that they went to Ibiza to bring Taylor the award and updated fans about his condition. “He’s in very good shape, actually, as it happens,” he said. “But you know, he’s got a serious disease, and he actually couldn’t make it over to L.A. There’s a lot of love there between him and us.”

In 2022, Duran Duran were announced as one of the seven Rock Hall inductees in the ‘Performer’ category. Inducted by Robert Downey Jr., the band performed several of their hit songs during the ceremony. However, Andy Taylor wasn’t on stage with them due to his battle with prostate cancer. So, Le Bon read a letter from him during the acceptance speech.

In the interview, Simon also shared his thoughts about Duran Duran’s future. “Well, we like each other. We respect each other,” he said. “We respect the differences. We don’t try and force everybody to be the same. We love being in Duran Duran. We love the music we make together and share the money equally – which is probably the biggest, most important thing.”

As it seems, the Rock Hall induction was a moment of pride and sadness for Duran Duran as Andy Taylor couldn’t attend the ceremony due to his battle with cancer. However, the band later paid him a visit and brought the guitarist the award. Although Taylor’s health condition is severe, Le Bon still seems optimistic about Duran Duran’s future.

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